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Our Services

Lawn Aeration Service St. Louis MOAeration

Core aeration for your lawn gently removes plugs of soil, allowing the ground to breathe better and absorb the water and nutrients that we feed it. 

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Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Service St. Louis MO
Fertilization and Weed Control

Our most popular service is our proven system to a thick, green lawn. Dowco's formula is formulated to the St. Louis County area soils to green up your lawn and eliminate weeds. 

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Bed Cleanup and Mulching Service St. Louis MO
Bed Cleanup and Mulching

Mulch adds an attractive, finished look to your landscape. It also aids in suppressing weeds, retaining moisture and moderating soil temperatures between the winter cold and summer heat. 

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Tree and Shrub Care Service St. Louis MO
Tree & Shrub Care

The most valuable and attractive pieces in your outdoor space are the trees and shrubs. Our six-step tree and shrub care program will protect your living investments by providing them with deep root fertilization and aiding in pest control.

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Lawn Mowing Service St. Louis MO
Lawn Mowing

Dowco's trained outdoor living professionals are committed to making sure your lawn is manicured on a weekly basis so all you have to do is hit the garage door button. We mow at the appropriate height and travel in opposite directions when possible to give you the angle cuts you desire.

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Bed Management Services St. Louis MO
Bed Maintenance

Our monthly treatments minimize weeds in your mulch or rock beds using pre and post emergents. Also includes treatment of weeds in parking lots, patios, decks, around trees, along curbs, and in sidewalk cracks.

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Landscape Design Build and Install Services St. Louis MO
Landscape Design & Install

Our landscape designers and horticulturists use skill, creativity, quality materials, and attention to detail in designing, planting and installing new landscaping.

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Tree and Shrub Trimming and Pruning Service St. Louis MO
Trimming & Pruning

Dowco offers year-round solutions to keep your landscape appearing clean and tidy. Depending on your level of activity in your space, we can design a yearly trimming and pruning strategy that fits your needs and budget.

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Irrigation System Service St. Louis MO
Irrigation System Maintenance

Underground sprinkler systems provide a simple and reliable way to keep your lawn and landscape watered. Dowco's technicians startup, test, inspect, repair and shut down your system. 

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Annual Flower Display Service St. Louis MO
Annual Flowers

Dowco can design and maintain beautiful color displays using annuals and bulbs for your property. We even offer a 4-Seasons of Interest Program to add non-floral decorations.

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Lawn and Landscape Site Visit Service St. Louis MO
Complimentary Site Visits

We appreciate your feedback and collaboration throughout the year. Walking your site together gives us the ability to gain insight on your preferences and make changes as needed to provide top quality services.

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Snow and Ice Management Services St. Louis MO
Snow & Ice Management

Our winter teams go through detailed snow removal and ice control training to provide services that exceed your expectations. We provide services for commercial and residential clients in the Chesterfield area. 

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Imagine the convenience of one premier company taking care of the lawn care and landscaping services on your property!