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What is Lawn Aeration?


Aeration equipment removes 1.5 – 3 inch plugs of soil to allow moisture, air & nutrients down to the root zone. A double aeration includes two passes in opposite directions to multiply the opportunity for a successful lawn.

Why is lawn aeration necessary?


Reduces soil compaction – Just as you wouldn’t try to plant a flower in concrete… a rock hard, compacted soil bed is not conducive to a great lawn either! Whether or not you are over-seeding this year, loose soil allows grass roots to plunge deeper into the soil to find vital water resources in times of stress.

Reduces thatch – Thatch is made up of grass stems and roots that accumulate faster than they breakdown. Excessive thatch creates an environment that is favorable to pests and disease.

Allows access to the root zone – By penetrating the soil, you’re allowing moisture, air, food (fertilizer) down to the root zone where nutrients are absorbed.

Enhances seed germination – Grass seeds germinate easily in aerator holes as the holes provide them a place to hide. Grass seed must be in direct contact with topsoil to germinate and will not germinate in thatch.

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Alternative options to Aeration:
Power raking and slice seeding are not appropriate for mature lawns. These destructive practices tear the roots of the established grass plants causing extensive damage and forces a restart of your lawn instead of a gentle fall rejuvenation.

The Dowco Difference: Dowco will upgrade your single aeration to a double aeration at no additional charge with the purchase of seed & starter mulch. 

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Aeration at Dowco
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    Patty P. – Chesterfield
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    A. Sears – Chesterfield Resident & Subdivision Trustee Chesterfield Resident
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    Nancy B., – HCCP Properties Property Company
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    E. Ferretti – Subdivision Trustee
  • I have been using Dowco for the last several years, and I have been very pleased with their service! The technicians are courteous and they always make sure that the job is done right, every time. We have also used Dowco for special projects and landscaping work, and that has been terrific as well.

    J. Olsen
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    Ken & Sally B. Chesterfield residents
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    D. Bray – Chesterfield Resident and Subdivision Trustee
  • We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful landscaping job you did at our new house. We love it! The design is terrific, with a good variety of plants and a nice mix of color. The view from the patio is especially pretty, and makes us feel like we are sitting in a private garden.

    Perhaps most importantly, you kindly and patiently listened to our thoughts and ideas and incorporated them into the overall plan. We may have driven you a bit crazy, but you never let it show! Instead, you made multiple visits to the house to get it done and make it perfect.

    Besides the design itself, the guys planting were extremely courteous and exceptionally hard working. We appreciated how they checked in with us to make sure things were going as we had hoped. On top of all that, the guys got it all done quickly and on our schedule.

    We are very, very happy with the whole process, and of course the end result. Thank you! We will be calling you guys again.


    Smith Residence Chesterfield residents
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    Fred W. Chesterfield Resident
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    John R. – Town & Country Resident
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    M. Boes – Chesterfield Client
  • I have to say, the professionalism, attention to detail and body of work from Dowco is impressive. Their staff is friendly and courteous, never failing to remind me regarding our dogs after an application.
    Also, they spread mulch for us and it still looks good, throughout the summer. Fabulous. Thank you.
    B. Kerch – Chesterfield Client
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    Randy N. – Ladue Resident
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    S. Schultz – Subdivision Trustee
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    With great appreciation,

    Gene & Carol H. – Wildwood Residents Wildwood Residents
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    K. Heyer – Chesterfield Client & Subdivision Trustee
  • “Let me just start by saying that I’m completely impressed by your company’s professionalism, speed of response, and competitive pricing. As you may know, my previous company was a recognized name, but you guys really have your act together! Thanks!”

    Joe G. -Chesterfield Resident