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At Your Service

Dowco is the premier provider of lawn and landscape maintenance in St. Louis County.

Elevate your outdoor living experience with Dowco, the leading authority in lawn and landscape maintenance serving St. Louis County. Our mission is to enrich your life by granting you the freedom to pursue what matters most to you while we handle the meticulous care of your outdoor space.

We offer an extensive full service menu tailored to meet your needs, including weekly maintenance to ensure your property remains pristine, and cutting-edge site enhancements to elevate the aesthetic and functionality of your outdoor oasis.

Located in Chesterfield, Missouri, Dowco stands as the pinnacle of excellence in lawn care. Trust us to transform your landscape into a sanctuary of beauty and tranquility, allowing you to enjoy every moment spent in your outdoor haven.

What makes Dowco stand out?

Our clients are discerning property owners who value top-notch quality and service, and they expect nothing but the best from their lawn and landscape provider.

At Dowco, we understand the significance of our clients' choices in allocating their resources, whether it's toward leisure, hospitality, or luxury goods. This awareness underscores our commitment to fostering strong client relationships and recognizing the diverse array of options available in premium services.

While our customers undoubtedly contribute to our uniqueness, it's the exceptional people and service at Dowco that truly set us apart. 

Discover the Dowco Difference:

What makes us unique is our unwavering commitment to detail.

You'll find us going the extra mile, from delivering your newspaper to your doorstep and discreetly moving trash cans to the garage, to ensuring your property is pristine before we start work. Our courteous approach includes picking up any debris or dog toys, and politely announcing our arrival with a knock on your door. We respect our neighbors by pausing our equipment as they pass by, offering a friendly wave as we move along. Before we depart, we meticulously tidy up, ensuring your complete satisfaction, while also securing gates and tidying decks and patios. Expect our professionals to arrive in spotless trucks with well-maintained equipment.

At Dowco, our ultimate goal is to surpass your expectations at every turn. We take immense pride in delivering dependable service that you can rely on, earning the trust of our clients and their neighbors who often become our biggest advocates.

The future of Dowco is bright…

Dowco is committed to keeping you informed.  Our blog and emails allow us to keep our clients educated on what they should be thinking of as the seasons change.

We have taken a serious look into water management, integrated pest management (IPM) and sustainability. Our irrigation technicians receive additional training on how water conservation and our crews report overly wet areas frequently.

Our team is constantly training. Training allows us to provide the highest quality of work for our clients and keep their costs down.

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