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Seed Starter Mulch

What Is Seed Starter Mulch?

Dowco seed starter mulch

Seed starter mulch pellets are made of recycled paper that breaks down naturally without robbing the soil of nutrients. This product will reduce water evaporation and run off ensuring that the seeds stay moist, which is essential for germination. It also serves to keep the birds out.

Why Use Seed Starter Mulch?

Water control is extremely important in seed establishment. The starter mulch is a great tool for property owners to use as a gauge of their watering.  When Dowco first puts down the starter mulch it will be a grey color like the photo shown above. It will start to fade out to a near white color as it begins the decomposition process and reaches the end of its useful life.

The Dowco Difference

The Dowco Difference: Unlike straw, starter mulch contains no weed seeds and will not blow away in wind. It is also biodegradable and requires no cleanup.

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